Dreamer Adventurer Programmer
Software engineer for Uber Eats on the Courier team. Previously developed for Amazon on the Music team, H I R E D on the Search team, and Symantec on the Network Intrusion team. Cal Poly graduate.
Uber 2019 - Present

Software Engineer / Uber Eats

Amazon 2017 - 2019

Software Engineer / Amazon Music

Hired, Inc 2016 - 2017

Software Engineer / Search

Symantec 2014 - 2016

Software Engineer / Network Intrusion Team

Symantec 2015

Scrum Master / Network Intrusion Team

Cal Poly 2014

Software Developer / ITS

Cal Poly Corporation 2013

Teacher Assistant / Cisco Networks Lab

HPAgriSystems 2012

Intern / Horsepower Front-end Software Engineer

California Polytechnic State University 2014

Bachelors of Science: Computer Science

Mobile App Dev Team Software Dev Oracle 10g Databases
Operating Systems Computer Networks Computer Architecture
Computer Security User Interaction & UX Algorithm Analysis & Design
General Assembly 2016
Mobile Development in Swift
Location / San Francisco Bay Area
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